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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

"Born to kill"

A gritty, intense, no-holds-barred war film that grabs attention from the very beginning and holds it all the way through. The only detriment to this film is the fact that the first half (Boot Camp) is so much more powerful than the second half (Vietnam).

The film is basically about how war sucks the life out of humans and turns them into 'killing machines'. The greatest performances in this film are of course R. Lee Ermey, the savage drill instructor, and Vincent D'Onofrio, his slow-witted whipping boy. The viewer alternately laughs and cringes at the relentless abuse and degradation inflicted by the former on the latter. And at the famous line, "What is your major malfunction?", the tension reaches an almost unbearable limit and the viewer ceases to move or breathe.

This movie, like many of Kubrick's, is too graphic for many people, but I highly recommend it to those who can withstand its assault on both senses and consciences.


  1. the movie is great, one of my fav

  2. this movie re-shaped my teenage mind when I first saw it (about 12 years ago i think). Joker, Cowboy, Animal Mother, Doc J...Gomer Pile. haha

  3. They made us watch this before we went into Navy boot-camp. I always wondered why; it's not exactly aiding the recruiter's job XD

  4. Some epic scenes in this film. Sucky sucky 5$ :D