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Friday, 17 September 2010

The Blind Side (2009)

"Nice message...mediocre movie"


There's no denying that at it's core "The Blind Side" is a very warm, uplifting film. How can it not be since it's based on a genuinely touching true story. For the most part the movie does satisfy in that area. But it has more than it's share of flaws.

First is the acting. Bullock gives a good performance as does Quinton Aaron as Big Mike. But then you have Tim McGraw. He gives a wooden, robotic performance that is at times laughable. Jae Head as the Tuohy's young son S.J. is either a victim of bad writing or just an abnoxiously horrible young actor. At times he seems to be patterned off of Culkin's "Home Alone" and "Uncle Buck characters.

Another issue I had was that the movie seemed to be more about Leigh Anne Tuohy than about Big Mike. Mike became a small character as the movie progressed and it's unfortunate since his story had alot more to offer in terms of interest.

So "The Blind Side" has it's share of positives and negatives. It's negatives are too numerous to overlook. But it's positive story, and emotional impact doesn't leave the film empty of entertainment value.


  1. I agree, the whole movie felt like I was watching a trailer. So basically, the movie never got my heart :(

  2. nice post!
    i love it ;)
    supportin & following you ;):D

  3. I liked the movie :) but i love the new banner!!!

  4. a fellow movie critic..
    you only watch newage mainstream or sth else also?

  5. I will review everything that i recently saw. So not just mainstream.

  6. it looks like you're headed in the right direction with this post...

  7. Don't really care for sports movies even if they are based on a true story...

    I'll pass.