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Friday, 22 October 2010

The Departed (2006)

" And I thought that I was the liar!"

A remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, Scorsese's 'The Departed' is a haunting film, so effective, that I still have a hang-over of it. Scorsese actually shatters himself by getting into a world of blood, back-stabbing and cruel intelligence. For those who haven't seen this box office smash yet, take time out from other non-sense, and watch this!

This Masterstroke takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, where Irish Mob boss Francis "Frank" Costello played by Nicholson plants Colin Sullivan played by Damon as an informant within the Massachusetts State Police. Simultaneously, the police assign undercover cop Billy Costigan played by DiCaprio to infiltrate Costello's crew. When both sides realize the situation, each man attempts to discover the others true identity before being found out. The original Hong Kong flick was a masterstroke! And this is a true and best remake possible! Scorsese has made so many remarkable films, that I've lost count by now. He's at his fiery best and his executes the subject with tremendous ease. A True Legend! His biggest accomplishment was, that, He was finally respected by the Academy-Awards for his work here! Halleujah! Michael Ballhaus's Cinematography is eye-catching. William Monahan's adapted screenplay is marvelous.

In the acting department, Mark Wahlberg steals the show with a brilliant performance. The rawness and overdose of abusive language help the talented actor steal the show in this multi-starrier. Nicholson, as always, is flawless. Leonardo DiCaprio is superb, he lives his character from start to end. Matt Damon is amazing. Martin Sheen proves yet again he's a talent that we'll never forget. He's exceptional. Alec Baldwin is in command after a long. The veteran scores! Vera Farmiga is perfect. Ray Winstone does full justice to his part. Anthony Anderson leaves a mark as well.

'The Departed' is a winner all the way! The film keeps you at grip from start to end, and will leave you thinking about it for a long, long time

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